Handmade cushions, hockers, carpets, especially for outdoors, with solid Dutch quality.

A cushion is something everyone wants to feel comfortable with. Leather, fabric, as long as it gives you a good feeling; on a late summer evening, dream away on the soft cushions with a drink or put your feet up on the hocker to really relax. What is important to us at KMCT is the quality of the products we make. That is why we have opted for a traditional, Dutch approach: Manufactured in the Netherlands and according to our own high standards. Available in different fabrics, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use!

Washing instructions

Rib/Woven/Pied de Poule/Triangle/Basics

Cleaning: Clean with a damp soapy cloth and rinse well with clean water. A soft brush can be used for heavy soiling. In cases where disinfecting is required the vinyl can be cleaned with a solution of disinfectants.
Take care! Do not use solvents, bleaches, abrasives, synthetic detergents, wax polishes or aerosol sprays.